About us

Amrtamya, the journey began with love for nature and the natural.
The dream of building a business that generates a by product that’s all natural and useful for growing natural.
The calm and peace of the slow process is far from our professional backgrounds, but the one that’s bringing us closer to people, real problems and making us more sensitive.
Our story is stories of our customers who bring back with them the experience and experiments of power of natureThe healing of body and mind is "all within" and "in nature".
Our journey has begun with the cold pressed oil. A very important ingredient of the day, a product that’s available in the market but bought with partial satisfaction. We bring this satisfaction with experience of live extraction.
The challenges of manufacturing a product that’s chemical and preservatives free are many, as almost a whole generation has grown up on uniform, standard quality. But the nature is different.
Our product has "NO" added chemicals, "NO" preservatives and more importantly "NO" added vitamins, because Nature knows it all, we only know some.