Customers wellness at our heart, Amrtamya is a Direct to consumer(D2C) brand focusing on bringing Wellness Naturally.

  • Edible Cold Pressed Oils

    Amrtamya offers variety of 100% natural, preservatives and chemical free edible Cold pressed Oils throughout the country. We manufacture

    Mustard - Yellow & Black, Sesame - White & Black, Groundnut, Almond (Gurbandi), Walnut, Sunflower, Safflower, Castor, Jojoba, Flaxseed, Pumpkin seed, Coconut Oils.

    Customers can join us to experience live extraction based upon prior appointment.

  • Wellness Products

    We manufacture several all natural wellness oils and products for both general and specific health needs. We offer several Hair & Skin care solutions. Also specific health needs such as Joint pain, sciatica, Hair fall control, Hair regrowth, skin allergies & acne solutions.

  • Essential Oils and Aromas

    We also offer 100% naturally distilled fragrances of flowers, spices and woods for the wellbeing of mind & body.

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Featured collection

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Wood Pressed Black Mustard
Rs. 360
Wood Pressed Groundnut/Peanut Oil
Rs. 250
Wood Pressed Safflower Oil
Rs. 500
Wood Pressed Sunflower Oil
Rs. 240
Wood Pressed White Sesame Oil
Rs. 100
Wood Pressed Yellow Mustard - Non Pungent
Rs. 230
Wood Pressed Yellow Mustard - Pungent
Rs. 440